In many fiction texts authors use the device of the unreliable narrator to engage the reader. This technique works together with dramatic irony to force the reader to use their own perceptiveness and experience to solve the puzzles in a text.


David was hearing voices I understand ¬†what’s going , telepathy when I can communicate from other peoples mind David is a weaker kind of telepath

It’s 2045 and I’m in the Olympics and that means if you don’t past the next round you DIE. I’ve been working so hard so I don’t die,the thing is I’m up against people i know how can they do that hut I still have to do it if I want to stay alive.

45 minutes until I have to race against my friends. I heard that one of my friends Jimmy killed himself because he can’t handle the pressure. Look at what they are doing, 20 minutes left until the race starts I need to start warming up. Beside me I see bobby my class mate we look at each other he looks sad because he know he will lose, he was the slowest in our year so i really felt sorry for him. 10 minutes left my mum called me and said good luck i could hear her crying i said ”Don’t worry mum I’m going to do something about it” she said are u sure son i said yes mum i I’m. The race started lane 1 Gabriel lane 2 jimmy lane 3 Powell lane 4 Chris lane 5 harry, every body getting ready to hear the gunshot, BANG!! the race starts harry is leading then Gabriel is 2 jimmy is behind Gabriel jimmy was one of the slowest hows he behind Gabriel, Gabriel using all he’s power then he overlaps Harry, Jimmy drops the hole crowd shocked then Gabriel looks back then he stops and goes help jimmy to the finish line Gabriel and jimmy comes last so 1 was Harry 2 Powell 3 Chris 4 Jimmy&Gabriel. So we all know what that means Gabriel’s going to die with a Good reputation.

It was a bright day in April.The clocks were striking thirteen. He nuzzled into his breast.He try to escape from the cold wind.He slipped quickly through the class doors of victory mansions.Though not quickly enough to prevent a swirl of gritty dust entering with him.

The place sounds mysterious,the people around me look scary I don’t know where I’m going,I’m just walking down a path that don’t stop.All you could hear was the sound of wind blowing on the back of my head the blazing sun was shinning as bright as a lightbulb in a dark room.

Flying Television

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